For years, Miracle Construction has been known as a “value-based” General Contractor, providing quality, but cost-effective Contractor Services to the Atlanta Community. Our broad experience includes the following.

If you are weary of your outdated kitchen and ready to update the centerpiece of your home, click for more information.

From the foundation through the roofline, we have the skills and resources to recreate a miracle in your home. Click for more information.

We can help you maximize your investment dollars and create the perfect bath that you are dreaming of. Click for more information.

Have you ever thought of having a concealed wall safe or hidden compartment in your living space to protect your valuables? Click for more information.

Whether you are expanding an existing area or adding on an entirely new section, we have the experience. Click for more information.

From therapy tubs to bench storage, we listen carefully to our “clients” needs and make creative and unique suggestions. click for more information.